Dong Chen

Assistant Professor, Knight Foundation School of Computing and Information Sciences, Florida International University. 

Dr. Chen received his second Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from UMass Amherst in 2018

under the supervision of Professor David Irwin. Before that, he finished his first Ph.D. in Computer Science

in 2014 from Northeastern University China where he was advised by Professor Guiran Chang. He also

worked in the industry for two years.

Graduate Students

Qi Li

Ph.D. student, SCIS, FIU, since Spring 2019

Master of Northeastern University, China.

Keyang Yu

Ph.D. student, SCIS, FIU, since Fall 2019

B.S. from Southeast University.

Master students

  • Keyang Yu (from: Southeast University, first employment: PhD student at FIU)

  • Xu Li (from: Beihang University, first employment: Facebook)

  • Wupeng Yin

Undergraduate students

  • Hongru Chu (2020)

  • Denis Ortega (2020)

  • Samuel Jose (2020)

  • Yuyang Leng (2020)

  • Jacob Garcia (2019, FIU Honors College)

  • Anwar Numa (2018)

  • Leonardo Gutierrez (2018)

Research Experience for Undergraduates at UMass Amherst

  • Adarsh Subbaswamy, Vanderbilt University, research topic: smart meter data analytics, 2013.

  • Joseph Breda, UMass Amherst, research topic: big energy data analytics, 2017.


  • Jacob Garcia, FIU.
  • Yuyang Leng, KFSCIS, FIU.
  • Xu Li, M.S., KFSCIS, FIU, from: Beihang University, first employment: Facebook.
  • Anwar Numa, B.S., KFSCIS, FIU.
  • Leonardo Gutierrez, B.S., KFSCIS, FIU.